13 Cheesy Horror Movies To Scare You With Laughter

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Clowns are scary enough on their own. In this 1988 horror flick, we’re talking about aliens that look like clowns — that also have killer shadow-puppet magic skills. Who came up with this stuff, anyway? Video: YouTube, pocketsizedbeauty 2. Dead Alive Forget about the rib-ripping scene, in which we learn our insides look like a mudslide when pouring out of our body. The scariest part is at 1:25, when we discover that the living dead will dig for your gold. ‘Snot funny. Video: YouTube, movieclips 3. Chopping Mall How can you tell things are going to get weird in this 1986 film? The screaming, pants-less woman is not even the most questionable part of the clip. Who was that robo-mall cop thanking, anyway? Video: YouTube, bmoviereviews . 4. Troll 2 This 1990 horror-comedy B-movie is so hilariously bad, it has developed a cult following. This scene in particular is a classic, and needs no explanation as to why.

The top 10 movies: ‘Gravity’ rises to #1

And all the more resonant when you consider that L.A’s infamous ‘Rodney King riots’ took place in the same city just one year later. Ice Cube and Cube Gooding Jr. (back when he was cool) star in a powerful coming-of-age film that inspired a host of brash, “inner-city gang wars” copycat movies; but none of them were as smart or memorable as director John Singleton’s masterpiece. Ice Cube’s crossover from music to film was a resounding success, as he played his character ‘Dough Boy’ with impressive grit and restraint. This was a film that acted as a further loud ‘n’ proud voice for hip-hop, exploding some of the complex issues – gun violence, education, disenfranchisement – at black America’s core. Best music moment: Soundtrack highlights include screen-shaking tracks from Ice Cube, 2 Live Crew, Monie Love and Run DMC. David Moynihan The Blues Brothers (1980) Sure, Jake and Elwoods soul covers (most famously, of Solomon Burkes Everybody Needs Somebody To Love) are karaoke-esque at times – but this John Landis-directed comedy caper is propelled by a genuine reverence for black Americas musical past; hence the cameos from Cab Calloway, James Brown and Ray Charles. But crucially that reverence never gets in the way of the comedy, and ultimately its the films sheer energy and escalating exuberance the bazookas, SWAT teams, stacks of totaled cars – that make it irresistible. Best music moment: Aretha Franklins thunderous, finger-wagging rendition of Think in the soul food diner. Luke Lewis The Filth And The Fury (2000) With a title inspired by a howlingly neurotic Daily Mirror headline, this is where the Sex Pistols get to tell their side of the story. Julien Temple’s 1979 debut The Great Rock And Roll Swindle caught the punk zeitgeist’s tail end and offered a ramshackle glimpse into the Pistols’ lives, albeit from a skewed Malcolm McLaren perspective. This second documentary on the band set out years later to get their take on events and – although punks would balk at the word – contextualise their influence in a broken Britain.

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Audiences and critics knew Gravity would be a hit, but they didnt see the impressive $55.5 million that it brought in this weekend coming. The George Clooney and Sandra Bullock led film has broken the record of highest grossing film in October. This record was previously held by Paranormal Activity, with $52 million. With a $100 million budget, Gravity is more than halfway to making a space-size profit. Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake starred in Runner Runner, and fans initially rushed to theaters to catch the flick. Thanks to word of mouth from audiences and critic reviews (its currently at 8% rotten over at Rotten Tomatoes ) however, the crowds stopped, only bringing in $7.6 million. Despite the low sum, Runner Runner made it to number three. Foreign romantic comedies are pretty popular nowadays. The latest to hit theaters, Pulling Stings, debuted with $2.5 million, making it to number nine. Below are the top 10 movies this weekend from Friday, October 4 Sunday, October 6: Gravity $55.5 million Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 $21.5 million Runner Runner $7.6 million


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