3 Movies That Could Break Avatar’s Box Office Record

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If you want to learn history or facts, read a book. Or if you are too lazy to do that, then google it. Dean Obeidallah We have seen this self-aggrandizing spectacle of people fact-checking movies with two recent films. The first is the current box office champion, “Gravity,” with the other being “The Butler.” “Gravity,” which stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, follows a space mission that goes terribly awry. Despite its box office success, a chorus of critics have attacked numerous scientific flaws in the film — such as pointing out the allegedly inaccurate way Bullock’s hair floated in zero gravity . But that’s nothing compared to the recent barrage of Twitter attacks launched at the film by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. His tweets ranged from criticizing the direction space debris was depicted as travelling to more nuanced issues such as faulting filmmakers for showing that the Hubble Space Telescope, the International Space Station and a Chinese space station were, “all in sight lines of one another.” This is not the guy you want to sit next to in a movie theater during “Star Wars.” How realistic is ‘Gravity’? I can just hear him whispering things such as: “The Death Star is too big to fly at that rate of speed,” or “Yoda could never survive in that atmosphere.” Look, “Gravity” doesn’t even pretend to be based on anything more than the screenwriter’s imagination. And here’s the biggest thing for people like deGrasse Tyson to keep in mind: it’s science fiction, for God’s sake! You would think the “fiction” part of “science fiction” is something that an astrophysicist could comprehend. And then there’s “The Butler,” the Lee Daniels film about a man who served for decades as a butler for various presidents at the White house. This film was attacked by the left and the right for being historically inaccurate. Some have cited errors with the film’s account of specific instances of the civil rights movement while others expressed outrage over the way President Ronald Reagan was depicted — apparently some view Reagan as a deity. Here’s a spoiler alert (and by “spoiler alert,” I mean a spoiler to people who have never googled or read anything about the film): It was fiction — that means it was made up. There was no “Cecil Gaines,” the butler character played by Forest Whitaker in the film.

Dean Obeidallah

Across its first weekAvatarended up bringing in $137 million in domestic box office, just the 28th largest opening week. Yet, what was incredible about Avatar was how the film’s momentum continued togrowacross its run. Most blockbusters lose 50% of their box office gross in the second weekend and continue dwindling each and every week until they leave theaters. Avatarlost just 1.8% in its second weekend, its third weekend brought in $68.5 million, a drop of just 11% from its opening weekend. It set the box office record for largest third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh weekends. In multiple weekends, it actually grew from the prior week. It stayed at number one at the box office fora mind-boggling8 consecutive weeks. Add it all up, andAvatarended up breaking the domestic record for largest total box office with a lifetime gross of $761 million. In international markets it brought in more than $2 billion at the box office, bringing its worldwide total to nearly $2.8 billion, another box office record. Only one other recent movie had a comparable run –Titanicstayed at number one at the box office for an astounding 17 consecutive weeks. It’s second all-time at the box office with a worldwide lifetime gross just south of $2.2 billion. Adjusted for inflation,Titanicwould be closer to $4 billion in global box office. Clearly, breaking the box office record won’t be easy. BothAvatarandTitanicfall in the “maybe once every decade” cultural sensation category.