Europe Shares Close Down As Italian Crisis Persists

Many governments devote significant funds to breast cancer screening, but studies in recent years have found that routine breast mammograms can also lead to so-called “over-diagnosis”when tests pick up tumours that would not have caused a problem. The risk of over-diagnosis in bowel cancer screening is very low, while gains in terms of reducing deaths are large – making routine testing cost-effective, Philippe Autier, a professor at France’s International Prevention Research Institute, told the European Cancer Conference in Amsterdam. “There is now an irrefutable case for devoting some of the resources from breast and prostate cancer screening to the early detection of colorectal (bowel) cancer,” he said. A large European study published last year found that breast screening programmes over-diagnose about four cases for every 1,000 women aged between 50 and 69 who are screened. Colorectal cancer kills more than 600,000 people a year worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation. In Europe some 400,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year. Results of a study conducted by Autier using data from 11 European countries between 1989 and 2010 showed that the greater the proportions of men and women routinely screened for bowel cancer, the greater the reductions in death rates. In Austria, for example, where 61 per cent of those studied reported having had colorectal screening tests, deaths from this form of cancer dropped by 39 per cent for men and 47 per cent for women over the decade. Meanwhile in Greece, where only 8 per cent of males had had bowel cancer screening, death rates rose by 30 per cent for men. In the light of the results, Cornelis van de Velde, an oncologist at Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands and president of the European Cancer Organisation, said it was “very disappointing” there are such wide differences in European governments’ approaches to colorectal screening. “People over 50 should be informed of the availability of the test, and pressure should be put on national health services to put more effort into organising screening programmes,” he told the conference. Screening for early signs of bowel cancer involves either a faecal occult blood test, which checks a sample of faeces for hidden blood, or endoscopy, where a tiny camera is introduced into the large bowel to look for the polyps that can be a precursor of cancer. In some European countries, such as France, Germany and Austria, many men and women over the age of 50 have regular colorectal screening examinations, while in others, such as The Netherlands and Britain, screening is much less common. Become a fan on Facebook

Europe should shift focus to bowel cancer screening to save lives -scientists

Originating after the last Ice Age from Asia and Africa the 219 European mammals are most diverse in the east with endemic European species mainly found in the Pyrenees and the Alps. These animals have speciated at these isolated altitudes because of the distance from west Asia where their ancestors lived Birds comprise 530 species without the vagrants and non-native species. 30 are endemic, mainly on the islands around Europe. Species (and families) are very much shared with Asia and North America, but the diversity is poor. With 740 million humans in a small continent, the crowded-out animals are in trouble, especially the Amphibia, followed by the Reptilia, then the mammalian residents. Mammals and birds and others have been harvested, persecuted, driven out and forced into change over thousands of years. This could have resulted in the lack of bird diversity overall and that of mammals in the west. The source for all this information is a great addition to Europe’s many descriptive texts on fauna and flora. There are 37 conserved species studied here, in an extensive set of data, including many historic distributions, drawn up by Stefanie Deinet and her co-workers of the European Bird Census Council in Nijmegen, Birdlife international in Cambridge, ZSL (London) and the Centre for Biodiversity and Environmental Research at University College, London. The Swedish Postcode Lottery, the Liberty Wildlife Fund and ARK Nature granted the resources to enable this giant project to be completed. The group have chosen to describe the details of 18 species of mammal and 19 prominent birds. They used the Living Planet Database and need to be updated already, but their graphs and descriptive genius portray a rosy picture. That reminds me that their photographs alone, from some of the most prominent nature photographers are worth reading this document for ! The mammals begin with large species and don’t descend to the small brown jobs, while the birds also follow popular taste, as is correct in a document that should and does attract. Ursus arctos is the brown bear , an icon in several continents.

The Wilding of Europe

The two will meet to discuss a tense political situation after Silvio Berlusconi’s center-right People of Freedom (PDL) party issued a threat on Wednesday to pull out of the country’s fragile coalition government. (Read More: Italy crisis rages as Berlusconi ‘crunch time’ nears ) Wolf Piccoli, managing director at Teneo Intelligence, told CNBC Friday that the situation is very volatile but did not expect any fresh elections to be called. “(It’s) crunch time for Berlusconi,” he said. “He knows over the next three or four weeks that it is basically the last phase of his political battle.” U.S. stocks were sharply lower Friday, with major averages poised to finish lower for the week, following the latest consumer sentiment report and as mounting concerns of a potential government shutdown weighed on markets. Congress must reach an agreement on the budget before October 1, next Tuesday, to prevent a government shutdown that could result in federal employees taking unpaid temporary leave and a delay in the payment of military personnel. Reuters reported on Wednesday that Senior Republican Jeff Sessions said there will be no shutdown or government default. House speaker John Boehner said a Republican proposal is coming that will tie federal government spending cuts to a U.S. debt limit increase. (Read More: Brawl in US Congressshould the world care? ) On the data front, the European Commission released figures on Friday showing that euro zone confidence picked up in September. An economic sentiment index, that gauges both businesses and consumers, rose to 96.9 in September from 95.3 in August, reaching its best level for two years. Nationwide released its house price index for the U.K. which showed a 5 percent (year-on-year) rise amid growing concerns that stimulus in the country is fueling a bubble in prices.