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Another part of the analysis seem to correspond to theories put forth by social scientists about how much we enjoy novelty in creative works, said Sreenivasan. In general, humans enjoy new things. More specifically, theres a tendency for people to look at and like things that are new but not too new. If its way out there, its hard to palate, said Sreenivasan. And if its too familiar, then it seems boring. A model known as the Wundt-Berlyne curve illustrates this result. The amount of pleasure someone derives from a creative piece goes up as its novelty increases. But at a certain point, there is a maximum of enjoyment. After that, something becomes too unfamiliar to stomach anymore. Using the revenue generated by different films as a measure of its mass appeal, Sreenivasan found that more novel films sold more tickets until they reached a score of about 0.8. Afterwards, they appeared to decline in popularity and revenue. I thought overall this was quite an interesting study, said mathematician and computer scientist Erez Lieberman Aiden of Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University, who helped develop Googles Ngram Viewer . Aiden added that he wondered if there was some bias in the way tags were applied to older movies. Modern day audiences might not notice certain subtleties or differences in movies from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, perhaps making them appear more uniform in the final result.

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So, where can you find all this great stuff to watch? Note: All the sites and services mentioned in this article appear in a complete list on the final page of this article, alongside some additional resources. You’re welcome! Specific Networks and Television Shows (Free) When there’s a current television show that you want to watch as close to the release date as possible and for free, the best place to start is the show’s or host network’s website. For example, each night’s episode of The Daily Show is posted on the next day. Modern Family appears on ABC.Go shortly after airing. can quench your Downton Abbey craving, or you can let your kids get their fill of Bert and Ernie from a selection of rotating videos on . Likewise NBC , CBS , and Fox all have limited content to view for free right on their sites. New episodes usually don’t have a long shelf-life, though. Networks often take them down within a few days, and not every show is available online for free. So this method of watching specific shows on their sites or their network’s site only works for series that you follow actively and plan to watch within a few days of a new episode airing. There are other ways to get hot episodes and recently released movies, though, but it’ll cost you. Specific Shows and Movies (Paid) When you’ve exhausted your free options and can’t find the specific television show you want to watch (in a legal way), you can turn to either a la carte services or subscriptions. Here are some of the best.

When ScreenX is activated it is sudden and fully captivating, heightening the sensesbut almost exhaustingly so. Response at the premiere was positive, but this experimental film is only 30 minutes in length. The development team says theyre hopeful, however, that the technology will translate well to feature-length films, especially considering the massive popularity of movies shot for IMAX. I think ScreenX will offer a stronger cinematic experience to audiences than IMAX by making them feel the images are filling the space fully, Kim said. Noh Junyoung, the R&D technical supervisor on the project and associate professor at KAIST, a science and technology university in Korea, said the team tried to find ways to keep the original structure of the theater space as much as possible to prevent a major cost increase and maintain a familiar environment for viewers. According to Noh, unlike IMAX, which calls for a specially equipped theater, installing a ScreenX system to an ordinary movie theater is inexpensive. But he said that they faced certain constraints when planning to retrofit theaters to support ScreenX: Installation of white screens on the sidewalls was not allowed, and existing speakers or exit doors could not be removed. In addition, the costly, main-screen projector must be left untouched. So they used “additional, cheap projectors to cover side walls while maintaining the quality of the projected images consistent across the walls, Noh said. CGV currently has 40 screens designed to show ScreenX films at 22 theaters throughout South Korea, and Noh said he expects many more will be ScreenX-ready soon. [The X] is a starting point, Kim said. A feature film could leverage the technology, show the full capabilities of what ScreenX could do, how it could be more sophisticated. Business editor Derek Thompson looks at how such a simple commodity became as pricey as soda. Video A quick, animated look at at where emissions come from on our planet Video A brief history of technological progress and why it’s not necessarily a bad thing Video Inequality explained in pie charts (made of actual pie) Video Two longtime Atlantic writers hit the runway in their Cirrus plane. Video A quick explainer on monetary policy Video The Eurythmics star discusses insights from her life as a musician, AIDS activist, mother, and more. Video No, seriously, what *is* money?

Friday, Oct. 11, 2013 Get five free HD movies when you sign up for Vudu Related Movie-streaming service Vudu is working overtime to attract new customers. A few months back, I reported on the company’s free DVD-to-digital conversion (an offer that’s still available, by the way), and now they’re giving away the store. Well, sort of. For a limited time, you can get five free high-definition movies when you sign up for a new Vudu account . (Note to Google Chrome users: I’ve never been able to get the Vudu site to display properly in that browser. You may need to use Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari if you want to take advantage of this offer.) Specifically, the Vudu HDX Starter Pack gives new customers five HDX-format movies. And what the heck is HDX? It’s the best of the three tiers of streaming quality offered by the service, equivalent to 1080p and “twice the resolution of other Internet HD video formats,” according the Vudu. You can sign up for the service using your Facebook account (which is easiest, though you will have to grant the usual permissions) or an e-mail address. You’ll also need to set up (or link to) an UltraViolet account (UltraViolet is kind of a companion service used to manage movie purchases) and provide a credit card number. Once you’ve finished all the setup stuff, you’ll be able to choose from around 30 movies. Don’t expect any cinematic classics, but there are some decent choices, including “The Italian Job,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” and “Rango.” From there you can watch your movies on any supported device: Android phone or tablet, game console, Roku box, iPhone or iPad, some Blu-ray players and smart TVs, and so on. And if you decide you’re not feeling it with Vudu, you can cancel your account by sending an e-mail to