Mayor Cory Booker: My Organic Food Stamp Challenge


We tried a Kickstarter campaign, but Kickstarter is all or nothing, and we didnt reach our goal, Mike said. We only made it to 18 percent. Then we tried Indiegogo, which operates differently. We didnt get the $30,000 we asked for, but we were able to fulfill the rewards we promised, and we still have the money we raised (about $6,000) in the account. Even though the goals werent met, the crowdfunding campaigns paid off. A casting producer who saw their campaigns asked them to apply for The Great Food Truck Race. When the truck was unveiled in the season premiere, that was very real, Mike said. All the teams had submitted designs, and it was a rush to see almost exactly what they had submitted on the truck. Whether they wind up with that truck in their driveway, the Swalehs (with the soon-to-be-Mrs. Swaleh, the third partner in the venture) are more invested than ever in putting their food into the mouths of St. Louisans. We always have been, Mike said. We wouldnt give up now, Shaun added. Of course, Mike said, if we won the truck, it wont be an issue. {&rule}The Great Food Truck Race Season 4 finale When 8 p.m. Sunday Where Food Network More info Find out more about Tikka Tikka Taco on Facebook (, Twitter (@tikkatikkataco) and the website

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we had delicious sweet potato latkes, string beans with a side of our yogurt. Midway into the second week, I was craving a hamburger but settled for a homemade black bean burger. It was good but… it wasn’t a burger. There was lots of settling, compromising and making do during the two weeks. Our biggest challenge was preparing balanced meals with limited ingredients. We compared prices, bought in bulk, watched for sales and pinched our pennies. Success! At the end of twoweeks we stayed within our food stamp budget. Our food was good for our health and our bones. And our choices were 97 percent organic. After the first two days, our appetites adjusted to more modest meals. We both lost five pounds without feeling hungry. Emotions ran high. Frustration arrived when I couldn’t buy what I wanted.

Busting The Myth Of Parent Choice: Food Marketing And Its Impact On Kids (Part 2)

I am always reminding her that eating good food will help her do what she loves to do. So tying it into what they love. But the thing about this issue, like so many issues, is that there is only so much we can do as individuals which makes me particularly upset. For a lot of parents, there are a lot of things they dont have a choice about that makes it harder for them to limit exposure. A lot of parents dont have child care and have to bring kids to the supermarket with them. And at the typical store, grocery shelves are lined with products targeted to kids with bright colors and the characters on the boxes. It is developed in such a way to make your kid want them and beg you for them. Check out counters are filled with candy and kid oriented stuff. And for a lot of single parents for whom television plays a part in how they are able to cook dinner or do anything around the house, their kids are constantly exposed to ads. So this isnt something that we as individuals can or should be able to solve on our own and that is why we need policy and regulation change. BH: What can we do as a community level?