Replacing Food Stamps With Cash Is A Terrible Idea

First, what equipment would we need? Figuring out which baby-food maker to buy was enough to cause an infantile meltdown. Should we go with the Baby Bullet, the Baby Brezza or the Beaba Babycook? There were so many conflicting reviews. In the end, we went with the Beaba Babycook Pro 2X, an all-in-one steamer-blender with two containers to work in, plus the ability to defrost and warm up food.The compact device ($199, ) has been a big success; its a must-have for any pureeing parent. Free Range on Food is a forum for discussion of all things culinary. Join us every Wednesday at noon. More from Food Gluten-free recipes PHOTOS | Gluten-free main course meals to try any night of the week. Then came the bigger questions. What to feed him? What nutritional markers were we trying to hit? Were there ingredients to avoid? I called Zephyrs pediatrician, Ellen Hamburger at Childrens Pediatricians and Associates.

VIENNA, VA, JANUARY 9, 2013: Winter salad of shaved cucumber, radish and endive with lemon vinaigrette. Dishware courtesy of Crate & Barrel. (Photo by ASTRID RIECKEN For The Washington Post)

What’s more, Yglesias says, the voucher system we now have breeds fraud and corruption, a standard plaint of Republicans. (In an amusing aside, he describes how some years ago he used to buy cigarettes — which can’t be purchased with the vouchers — for a neighbor who was on food stamps, who in turn bought him boxes of Diet Coke. Food-stamp fraud alert.) Hold on a minute. Studies suggest that fraud is modest, equal to about 1 percent of the program’s spending. That’s still a lot of money, but as a percentage of the total it’s minor. Furthermore, fraud has gotten harder ever since benefits have been issued on electronic-benefit transfer cards, which operate like debit cards at the grocery store. What’s more, drawbacks to doling out cash are real and fly in the face of the moral component of receiving a government benefit. Aid comes with strings attached as part of the goal of inducing behavior that’s deemed socially beneficial. That’s why food stamps can’t be used to buy tobacco or alcohol. If a cash handout is easier for a store to administer, the same is true for a cash benefit used to buy dope on the street. Yes, there is an element of paternalism in food stamps. Yet it’s hard to justify the government using taxpayer money to subsidize iPhone purchases instead of spending on a necessity such as food.

Food bank helps furloughed Grand Canyon workers as business owners protest closure

senators, legislative leaders and Gov. Jan Brewer “will change some minds” within the Obama administration. Brewer and state legislative leaders have sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to approve funding for the Arizona park and other national parks. Brewer’s staff previously called Uberuaga and offered to find a way to pay to keep the park open, but he politely rejected the overture. “Some feel I can open the gate,” Uberuaga said. “I cannot open the gate. I will not open the gate.” St. Mary’s trucked the food boxes from Phoenix to the small community of Tusayan, a couple of miles from the South Rim entrance, and then to three locations inside the park for distribution this week. About 60 of the boxes were left at the fire department for local residents who couldn’t get inside the park. The food bank said it will continue weekly distributions as long as the shutdown lasts. A grocery store at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim Village is providing a 25 percent discount on food for residents, and concessionaires are supporting their furloughed employees and their families with subsidized rent and some meals, officials said. The Grand Canyon recently held an employee food drive and distributed the donations at a recreation center within the park. October is a busy time of year at the park because of the cool weather, with an average 18,000 tourists visiting each day.