Slow Food Founder Connects With Pope Francis

Food Stamp Bill proposed cuts puts brakes on Farm Bill passing

This is causing the hold-up for the long-overdue farm bill, according to The Inquisitr on Oct. 12. It was the conservative Republicans who defeated the passing of the farm bill during the summer. They want more trimmed off the food stamp bill, which feeds hundreds of thousands of families in the nation. As soon as the House votes for open negotiations and appoints those who will negotiate, the negotiations can get underway in this gridlock. When the farm bill vote was defeated this summer, this caused two separate pieces of legislation to be created. One of those pieces of proposed legislation took a big chunk out of the funding for the national food stamp program. The legislation created a $39 billion cut to the food stamp program, which will be broken up over the course of 10 years. This amount was almost 10 times the amount the Senate proposed leaving the two legislative bodies at an impasse. House Democrats also oppose this massive cut and believe the folks who receive food stamps will be burdened with trying to put food on the table with these cuts. The food stamp program barely feeds a family today with the price of food skyrocketing. Food costs are rising greatly and the food stamp program doesnt reflect that increase for the families that are receiving this benefit.

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Petrini says that during their conversation the Argentine-born pope recounted his familys ties to Italys Piedmont area, where Slow Food International is headquartered. My parents moved to Turin from the countryside around Asti, opening a small cafe in a building on the corner of Via Garibaldi, he quotes Francis as saying, before they emigrated to Argentina. My father was supposed to board the Mafalda, but then, because of some problems, he had to postpone his departure for a year. The ocean liner Principessa Mafalda was sailing to Buenos Aires when it sank off the coast of Brazil on Oct. 25, 1927. Hundreds of migrants drowned in the ocean waves. Petrini said he and the pontiff also talked about the farming world. Pope Francis wanted to emphasize how precious the good practices of rural communities are to the worlds destiny. On this subject in particular, the pope had strong words: The work of these people is extraordinary, he said. Accumulating money must not be the primary goal. My grandmother used to tell me that when you die, your shroud has no pockets for money. Petrini says the conversation had a profound effect on him. “I have been an agnostic since I was young, but the absence of religiousness has not stopped me from sharing experiences and struggles with men and women of faith. I do not have the capacity or the knowledge to open a deep and learned dialog on the question of faith, but I know that if humanity wants to escape the desert of ideas that surrounds it, people who know how to communicate like Pope Francis will be of great value. Even the channel he uses, the telephone, with no mediation, is a sign of openness and directness, with the interlocutors as varied as the motivations and the topics. One has the impression they are talking with a friend. And so our phone conversation ended, with wishes of good health and a mutual embrace.