Style Invitational Week 1043: Celebrity Vs. Reality, Plus Shaken-up Shakespeare

2. Zac didn’t actually sing all of his ‘High School Musical’ tracks Yep, you read that right. Zac admitted to Rolling Stone: “I didn’t even sing on the first album. It wasn’t my voice in the movie. Even though I wanted to do it.” His vocals appear “in a select few lines” with Zac adding he “felt extremely guilty”. 3. Zac has a hidden talent Forget about that though, as Zac’s mouth has plenty of other talents. Like what? Well, blowing bubbles with his spit, of course. The actor told the Guardian about his secret flair for spittle gymnastics. He can also juggle, FYI. 4.

Celebrity ships turn up the dial on amenities

The Solstice and Solsticized ships include new verandas, new furniture and flat-screen TVs, bedding and carpeting in the suites, and retain the contemporary feel of this class of ship details that add to the fleets reputation. I like Celebrity for its modern, luxury feel, Walsh said. Celebrity is offering several specials, including round-trip air to Europe for $999 for suite-level passengers sailing June through August 2014 aboard the Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Infinity or Celebrity Constellation. (For a complete list of specials, go to Cruise Travel Outlet is offering its own special that provides limo service to and from the airport for passengers booking suite-level accommodations. (To take advantage of the special, call 800-498-7245 or go to The gaming room is open For some, cruising is all about convenience and relaxation. A new Celebrity offering allows its guests to make the most of both. Passengers will soon be given the opportunity to enjoy their favorite games of chance without even being inside the casino. The process is simple: Download a new mobile application, called Cantor Mobile Casino, to your tablet or smartphone, create and stock a virtual wallet (with non-virtual currency) and prepare to score baby a new pair of shoes. Virtual gamblers will be able to play slot machines, video poker and table games from anywhere once the ship hits international waters. The app is compatible with Apple and Android devices, and can be downloaded via the ships WiFi. The new gaming technology will be installed on the cruise lines Solstice-class ships and four other recently Solsticized Millennium-class ships. New itineraries, new technology A slate of new itineraries offers a variety of Caribbean experiences, including stops at St.

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Celebrity Workout Secrets For A Superstar Body

Apple-shaped women, Kirsch notes, should stick to rowing machines — which will engage the core from shoulder to belly — as well as boxing and planks. Steer clear of pull-ups, rows or bench presses, he advises. “Apples need to find their waist, and placing emphasis on the back and arms will just make you look blocky.” Pear-shaped? Heavy-weighted exercises (think leg presses) and too much cycling can add bulk to your bottom half. “Avoid any exercise that is quad-centric,” Kirsch says. “None of my clients come to me because she wants bulkier quads — you aren’t fitting into your skinny jeans with those!” Give yourself an Oscar for trying. Kirsch has clients keep a list of their daily successes. “I tell them, ‘Did you drink water instead of soda? Write it down. Did you take the stairs instead of the elevator? Write it down.