The Plot Thickens In Hollywood Union Election

“All animals care about their lives,” the pamphlets said. “Meat is cruelty on your plate.” Nora Kramer, 37, who works for the group, brought her dog along. Kramer said she had been vegan for 15 years “ever since I found out how the animals were treated.” Daiya, she said, was a rescue dog, named after a “really delicious” brand of vegan cheese. “Eat cats!” shouted a tattooed young man in a tank top and shorts as he passed Kramer and her fellow protesters. “A doggy,” a little girl said, tugging on her mother’s sleeve to get her attention. On her first day in Los Angeles, Beijing resident Wenlu Xie made her way down the street, examining the sidewalk stars: Milburn Stone, Bobbie Vernon, William Primrose. “I used to think I knew a lot about Hollywood. Then I read these names,” said the 26-year-old English teacher, who wore a pair of Hello Kitty eyeglass frames without lenses. Xie seemed equally intrigued by the protest. She posed in front of it for a souvenir picture. The demonstrators, many of whom pointed their signs at passing cars and buses, appeared content with whatever attention they could get.

Steve Dayan

Reed, the undisputed leader of Local 399 for nearly 25 years, now faces his first serious challenge in what is widely acknowledged as an unusually close and deeply divisive election to select the next secretary-treasurer of the union. Also PHOTOS: Hollywood backlot moments Reed’s challenger is Steve Dayan, who said he was fired from his job as a Teamsters business agent in July after he told his boss he wanted to run against him. Dayan has portrayed Reed, 74, as an out-of-touch leader who runs the local as if it were his personal fiefdom. He cites Reed’s hiring of two relatives, including his son for a job that federal records show paid him nearly $174,313 last year in salary and expenses. “Leo has got to leave,” Dayan, 56, told drivers working a location shoot in Griffith Park recently. “We’ve got to push him out the door because he’s not making good decisions on our members’ behalf. He’s more concerned about his family than he is about the local.” Reed, who is seeking his ninth three-year term, has portrayed Dayan and his supporters as “traitors” who are “pro-management” and support lowering wages, comments posted on Reed’s website that Dayan says are untrue. “He is desperate and is he is trying anything just to win the election,” Reed says on his campaign website, which also includes an endorsement from Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa. PHOTOS: Billion-dollar movie club The drama behind the election, results of which will be announced Oct. 15, is the talk of film sets across Hollywood. Tensions boiled over recently at a union meeting of more than 500 members at Pickwick Gardens Conference Center in Burbank. A scuffle erupted after transportation coordinator Marlo Hellerstein criticized Reed for his union hiring practices, Hellerstein and other witnesses said. Hellerstein hadn’t finished speaking before one of Reed’s associates gave a hand signal to a muscular sergeant of arms who promptly pulled Hellerstein away from the microphone, Hellerstein, Dayan and others present said. “All of a sudden I turned to my right and here’s this giant grabbing my arm and pulling me backwards,” Hellerstein said. “All hell broke loose.” Reed declined to comment.

‘Hollywood Stuntz,’ a.k.a. Jamie Lao, spreads word of his interview

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Hollywood’s five best tracking shots

But Gravity, which hit screens last week, features a 13-minute tracking shot that opens the movie. Touch of Evil (1958) The scene: The opening shot Duration: 3 minutes, 20 seconds. The backdrop: Considered the patriarch of tracking shots, the opening to Orson Welles’ story of kidnapping, murder and police corruption in a Mexican border town stands as one of the most elaborately choreographed extended shots of all time. Welles uses a crane to follow Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh as they walk several city blocks – as a car laden with a bomb in the trunk cruises perilously close. Goodfellas (1990) The scene: Entering the Copacabana Duration: 3 minutes, 3 seconds The backdrop: Director Martin Scorsese literally takes audiences behind the scenes of mob dining in this iconic shot, in which Henry (Ray Liotta) escorts his fiancee Karen (Lorraine Bracco) through a side entrance of the Copa. In addition to following his actors through dozens of extras and rolling props, Scorsese had to deal with sets under vastly different lighting: the streets, kitchen and a bustling club, where Karen asks Henry what he does for a living. The film would earn Oscar nominations for Scorsese and editor Thelma Schoonmaker, and win Joe Pesci an Academy Award for best supporting actor. The Player (1992) The scene: Opening shot Duration: 7 minutes, 50 seconds The backdrop: Considered the funniest tracking shot in film, Robert Altman’s story about a studio executive being blackmailed by a desperate screenwriter begins with one that features discussion over cinema’s great tracking shots, including Touch of Evil. But the best punchline: Buck Henry, who appeared in The Graduate, pitching The Graduate, Part 2, with Ben, Elaine and Mrs. Robinson living in a “big, spooky house” in Northern California. She had a stroke, but it’s a comedy, Buck explains.