United States Seeks Delay In Trial On Us Air, Amr Deal Due To Shutdown

There was no end in sight to the impasse in Washington, which centres on Republican attempts to curtail President Barack Obama’s health care law as part of a temporary funding bill. For the greater public, random activities of daily life are becoming casualties. Two dozen October weddings, including nine this week, are in jeopardy because they’re scheduled for closed off monument sites in Washington. The same was true for a New Jersey couple planning to marry at the Grand Canyon. Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le have a permit to get married Saturday on the lawn near the Jefferson Memorial. That looks like it’s not going to happen so they are scrambling for alternate sites, including the restaurant booked for their reception. Their new Twitter hashtag: #shutdownwedding. It’s not just romance, tourism and public events that are in jeopardy. Consider the Wisconsin farmer who can’t cash a check for a cow he sold. Ben Brancel, the state’s agriculture secretary, said that because the farmer has a federal loan, he can’t cash the check without both his own signature and one from a Farm Service Agency official, unavailable during the shutdown. “Our advice to him was he was going to have to wait, that there wasn’t anything he could do about it,” Brancel said. There are harsher consequences, too.

Correction: United Nations-NKorea Story

More than one in five women in Georgia were living in poverty in 2012.Of the states rated the worst by CAP, Georgia was the only one without state restrictions targeting abortion providers, or “TRAP” laws. TRAP laws are often so strict that they can shut down most abortion clinics in a state because the requirements placed on them can be higher than other medical facilities performing other outpatient surgeries. According to CAP, this can have a negative impact on womens overall health. Reproductive health is dismal in the state. For every 100,000 live births in Georgia in 2010, more than 20 mothers died, the second highest maternal mortality rate in the country at the time. ALSO READ: > Wage gap: 73 cents per dollar (6th lowest) > Poverty rate, women and girls: 16.8% (25th highest) > Pct. in state legislature: 20.7% (17th lowest) > Infant mortality rate: 7.6 per 1,000 births (6th highest) As of 2012, women in Indiana earned only about three-quarters of what men made. Despite the pay disparity, the percentage of women serving in public office was slightly better in Indiana than in more than half of all states. But more women in leadership roles does not necessarily translate to state programs supporting women. Indiana is among the states that does not offer pre-kindergarten programs for children under five. This means there is more unpaid labor raising children in the state, and in the United States, this work still tends to be disproportionately carried out by women. The state received a low grade for womens health issues.

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The Justice Department requested a delay after many of its attorneys and support staff were placed on furlough. “This is creating difficulties for the department to perform the functions necessary to support its litigation efforts,” the department said in a court filing. Merging companies usually oppose delays because they make it harder to hold deals together. So it was good news for the airlines when Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly turned down the request in an order issued on Tuesday. A lawyer for the airlines expected the trial to begin as scheduled in late November. “From what the judge said in there, and I think everybody heard, we’re going to trial on November 25,” Richard Parker said after a pretrial hearing. “We are planning on a November 25 trial date.” Parker said a settlement resolving the fight was still possible. “We are interested in a reasonable settlement in this case,” he added. Any settlement would mean asset sales, which in turn would require approval from the judge overseeing American’s emergence from bankruptcy. TEXAS SECURES CONCESSIONS Under the agreement announced on Tuesday, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport would remain a hub for the combined carrier, whose headquarters would be in Texas. Almost two dozen small Texas airports would continue to get daily service, the Texas attorney general’s office said.

1 about North Korea at the United Nations, The Associated Press misidentified the North Korean speaker. The diplomat who spoke is deputy permanent representative Ri Tong Il, not Sang Beom Lim, who is a South Korean diplomat. A corrected version on of the story is below: NKorea spurns SKorea nuke disarmament deal NKorea spurns SKorea’s offer of development aid for nuclear disarmament By PETER JAMES SPIELMANN Associated Press UNITED NATIONS (AP) North Korea on Tuesday spurned South Korea’s offer of development aid in exchange for giving up its nuclear weapons, saying “this can never, ever, be a political bargaining chip.” North Korea’s deputy permanent representative, Ri Tong Il, was speaking in the “right of reply” session at the end of the annual General Assembly speeches, when countries unleash their most outspoken diplomats to counter arguments made by other countries in their high-level speeches. He spoke a few hours after North Korea’s vice foreign minister, Pak Kil Yon, blamed the “hostile policy” of the United States for continuing tension on the divided Korean Peninsula. Pak told the U.N. General Assembly the United States is aiming at military domination of Northeast Asia and has designated North Korea as “its first attack target.” Pak also contended that the United States was abusing the power of the U.N. Security Council, and that a January resolution that tightened sanctions on the North for a long-range rocket launch was unfair. Pak did not mention the subsequent nuclear test explosion that was also condemned by the council and deepened concern over the North’s weapons programs. Ri said later, in the “right of reply” session, that North Korea “and its people have been living with nuclear weapons and bombs over their heads for decades.” Under these “provocations” North Korea had no option other than to obtain nuclear weapon itself as a deterrent, he said. Ri unequivocally rejected a South Korean offer of economic aid conditional on the verifiable nuclear disarmament of North Korea, also known at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK, saying the nuclear umbrella was needed to protect the North from South Korea and the United States. “This is again provocation against the strategy policy of the DPRK,” he said. “This can never, ever, be a political bargaining chip. This is a policy under the security environment of the DPRK for safeguarding peace and security, and thereby to ensure the environment for peaceful economic development. So this is an absolute guarantee for economic development.” The AP Join the Discussion You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer.