Victim Of New York Taxi Crash Gushes Over Hero Plumber On ‘dr. Oz’

RELATED: BRITISH TOURIST WHOSE FOOT WAS SEVERED BY TAXI CAB STILL HOPES TO TOUR NEW YORK CITY Marcus Santos/New York Daily News Emergency workers rushed Green to Bellevue Hospital after a group of good Samaritans – that included Dr. Oz – tended to her at the scene near Rockefeller Center. Oz was among the passersby who tended to the pretty Brit after the Aug. 20 crash at E. 49th St. and Sixth Ave. But it was Justino who used his tool belt as a tourniquet to stanch Greens bleeding. Her leg eventually had to be amputated below the knee, but she might have died if not for the plumbers resourcefulness. You dont have to say thank you, Justino told Green after she finished showering him with praise. I tried. I wasnt even thinking I just saw you there and the only thing I had was my belt and thats what I needed. The feel-good meeting came after Green shared some inspiring words. Dr. Oz Show Dr.

Essential Networking: Connecting New York Style


The length of networking events in New York is far shorter than those in London. At home they tend to run for up to four hours, often starting at 6pm and finishing at 9pm or 10pm. In New York they commonly run for only a couple of hours and normally from 6pm to 8pm or 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Two hours seems perfect for New Yorkers as it suits their busy lifestyles. Networking conversations in New York are also very direct and straight to the point. There is a feeling that time is money and therefore not be wasted. Its no secret that New Yorkers know what they want to achieve before they even enter the networking room. This is a joy to discover because during my training sessions, I constantly stress the importance of having networking goals if you want to be successful. Business communication also has a correspondingly fast-paced style and the preference is not to make phone calls. First choices for communication are email and SMS texting. Interestingly one delegate at a networking event even told me that making phone calls can often be considered stalking. It has also been amazing to experience that during the close of conversations it is much more common in New York than in London for networkers to save time by whipping out their mobile phones and storing new contact details there and then without batting an eyelid. It is also the standard, unlike in the UK, to take the last names as well as the first names of delegates when saving their contact details. During my training sessions I help delegates to develop the skill of combining networking conversations to include both social and business questions in their exchanges. It is advantageous to have this balance because it shows that you are human and helps you build a stronger relationship faster. In New York there is a special path to tread mixing business and social conversations and it is paved with tactical motives. Should you network there and experience conversations moving to a more relaxed, social level, be encouraged as this is an indication that your business impressions have been perceived positively and you are on a winning road.