Will The Celebrity-backed Push For Obamacare Enrollment Work?


It can be used to stir-fry, marinate or simply be used for dipping. And youve probably heard about the many health benefits of olive oil. According to the Mayo Clinic, researchers found that consuming a Mediterranean diet heavy in olive oil can help lower some heart risks. The first press is the cold press, meaning its without heat or chemicals, and its extra virgin meaning, it is the premium olive oil that you want to buy. Anything else is a pure olive oil or its a leftover olive oil.” – Cat Cora, celebrity chef Americans also like the taste, as olive oil consumption in the U.S. has tripled over two decades. Yet, despite these facts, there remains a lot of confusion about what Greek poet Homer called “liquid gold.” Its not surprising considering its many labels: cold pressed, extra-light, pure. What do they mean and which is better? “Iron Chef” and Food Network starCat Cora stopped by FoxNews.com Live studios to help break it all down. Cora, who is of Greek-American heritage, knows a thing or two about olive oil. Shes partnered with the Mediterranean cuisine company Gaea, to develop Cat Coras Kitchen by Gaea — a range of olive oils, tapenades, cooking sauces and vinegars. Here are six truths about olive oil that will hopefully add clarity to your next bottle you purchase. TRUE OR FALSE? Olive oil isn’t good for frying food False: It does have a high smoking point, meaning it can go up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason why a lot of people do not fry, deep fry, with olive oil is because its expensive. TRUE OR FALSE? Oil that isn’t first cold-pressed is just the leftover oil True: The first press is the cold press, meaning its without heat or chemicals, and its extra virgin meaning, it is the premium olive oil that you want to buy.

Celebrity chef Cat Cora debunks common olive oil myths

Getty Images (4) On Monday, the first result of that brainstorm hit the Internet: a pro bono Funny or Die spoof featuring Hudson impersonating Scandals political fixer Olivia Pope . The clip shows troubled Washingtonians finding their problems have already been solved by Obamacare. A handful more ads will be released in the coming weeks. But despite two Hollywood-heavy campaign seasons, leading the GOP twice to dub Obama the celebrity president, research is against Team Obamas reliance on advertisements and PSAs featuring stars. Such marketing, with a few exceptions, does worse with viewers across the board, said Jonathan Symonds, executive vice president of marketing for the television analytics company Ace Metrix. Of the 2,000-odd political ads released during the 2012 campaign, the ones for which Team Obama enlisted the help of Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogues Anna Wintour, among other celebrities, were the worst performing, Symonds said. Still, to build a balanced market for Obamacare, the administration needs an estimated 2.7 million Americans between the ages of 18 to 35 to sign up, many of whom arent tuned in to traditional news and have little to no understanding of the laws specifics. Celebrities can drive awareness, and there are not a tremendous amount of creative angles out there for [Obama] and others to talk about implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Symonds said. This is an easy way to say, I can go to this person and have them explain it rather than have a less well-known person explain a complex issue. Thats where the attention-grabbing and shareable ads, aimed at people who use Twitter to follow celebrities rather than track the congressional debacle, can play a role. A lot of people the White House and administration are trying to enroll dont exactly read Politico every morning. A lot of people the White House and administration are trying to enroll dont exactly read Politico every morning, said Ronnie Cho, who served as associate director of public engagement for the White House until last month. Plus, the measure of success is different this time. The ads are not intended to be political, he said, and awareness more than politicking and persuasion is the objective. Funny or Die, a humor website with 19 million unique monthly visitors, lent a hand with a series of promos. If we can help make [signing up for Obamacare] a normal thing, something that isnt politicized, something that comes as second nature to younger people like putting your seat belt on, that is something wed want to do, Funny or Dies president, Mike Farah, told Mother Jones after the meeting.

Something to smile about! Fearne Cotton leaves Celebrity Juice in a baby pink miniskirt and with a winning smile

Cool and casual: Holly Willoughby left the studio in black skinny jeans a black and white printed shirt and thick pashmina

Itv2!!’ Bright exit: Fearne Cotton wears pink miniskirt and a smile as she leaves Celebrity Juice She had had a quick change of clothes before sitting in her captain’s chair, replacing her red brocade skirt, Breton top and brown shoe boots for her pink and black outfit. Hello boys! Myleene Klass sexes up the Classic BRITs in a VERY sheer dress as she flashes her underwear on the red carpet Her teammate Kym Lomas had followed similar colour pattern, opting for a pink lace dress with black Christian Louboutin peep-toe heels. The Coronation Street star had travelled down from Manchester for the show, and tweeted after her appearance: ‘Such a great night @CelebJuice thanks so much!! Nice to see u all @lemontwittor @Fearnecotton @hollywills @IAmChrisRamsey @CraigRevHorwood x’. Fun time: Fearne tweeted about how much laughter there was during the latest ITV2 show recording Quick change! Fearne switched into her black and pink outfit from a Breton top and red skirt combo Still feels like summer: Kym Lomas wears a pink lace dress with black Christian Louboutin pee-toes ‘Oh and great to see @JayTheWanted and @NathanTheWanted can’t believe that little boy was you!! X.’ On Holly Willoughby’s team, The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes and Jay McGuinness took up one seat while Craig Revel Horwood filled another for the comedy panel show. Jay McGuinness showed off his new pompadour hairdo, and wore a blue and black checked shirt with blue skinny chinos and Nike high-top trainers. Frankie Cocozza was also seen leaving the ITV2 studios carrying two bottles of beer for the road, or to save for a later date, as he music career doesn’t seem to be lifting off right now. Long trip: The Coronation Street star travelled down from Manchester for the show Cool and casual: Holly Willoughby left the studio in black skinny jeans a black and white printed shirt and thick pashmina He’s got pomp: The Wanted’s Jay McGuinness shows off his pompadour hairdo as he leaves the Celebrity Juice taping Two for the road? Frankie Cocozza takes two bottles of beer from the studio after the show But Frankie wasn’t the only one who left with a little reminder from the show as a number of audience members took part in certain challenges, and have the haircuit to prove it. One guest tweeted: ‘Fern cotton and Kim from corri cut half my hair off for a task for celebrity juice I can’t believe it I was so p***ed (sic)’. Another quite enjoyed the fact his wife got her hair chopped off by the celebrity guests:’Can’t believe the missus had some of her hair chopped off by @hollywills and @JayTheWanted at @CelebJuice tonight! #FunnyAs’.

Celebrity Stylist Nicole Chavez Tells You What You Need in Your Closet This Season

OK!: Sometimes when I go to a huge store with so much selection like T.J. Maxx, I can get a little overwhelmed. What’s the best plan of attack for finding the good stuff? NC: Go in with an open mind and know that there are so many possibilities in there for you. There is signage for places you want to hit, but you really have to go through all the racks. You can find some amazing treasures. For me, I’m so visual, so when I walk in , I see everything. I kind of play and assemble widely in the store and I like to find outfits . OK!: What are some of the gems that you’ve found? NC: In my recent trip, I’ve found so many cool leather pieces . I mean, obviously leather is huge for fall and I just found a killer pair of leather harem pants, which I love. It’s not just about leather pants anymore, they can be colored leather, lace and leather, cotton and leather… I’m excited about that trend.